«Artists from the Waldau Kunstwerkstatt»

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«Artists from the Waldau Kunstwerkstatt»

Publikation zur Ausstellung in der Galerie Miyawaki, Kyoto/Japan

The seventeen artists presented here are all patients of the psychiatric hospital Waldau. Many of them are not originally artists, however, they are primarily ordinary people. Their works are not „art of the mentally ill“, but „the art of ordinary people“ who have awakened the values and necessities to create, through confronting and fighting illness. In this regard, those works are linked to the ideas of Art Brut by Dubuffet. Furthermore, depending on the gaze of the third parties mentioned previously, it might be very possible that those works show up, and at once cross over onto the official art stage.
Yutaka Miyawaki

Preis: CHF 45.00

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